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I recently attended a worship seminar in which the speaker talked to us about our need to recognize the overwhelming truth about who God is – bigger and more amazing than our minds can possibly fathom.

Examining my own prayers makes it obvious I’m not there yet.  I tend to limit God in what I ask for and at times even try to guide him to the “right” answer.  How presumptuous of me!  This is a God who took nothing and created light and water and beauty.  He engineered the rising of the sun and the turning of the planets.  He designed the eruption of earth to form majestic mountains, the gentle ebb and flow of the ocean and the weightless soaring of a bird on wing.  Can I not trust that He knows the perfect answer as well as the perfect timing in response to my prayer?

The second thing our speaker told us was that to truly worship God I must come to grips with the brutal facts about who I am – a depraved sinner adopted by that Great amazing bigger-than-I-can-fathom God.  I have to admit that even in my most fervent, most pious, most devout moment – I don’t come anywhere close to deserving what God has done for me.

As I wrestled with these two concepts my very soul opened to another beautiful truth about my God.  It is that the tiniest, most insignificant, minute little creature that burrows beneath the rock and digs its escape deep down into the earth to hide is still not invisible to God.  His powerful eyes have no trouble spotting this microscopic speck of life.  But here’s the truly amazing thing about the eyes of God – they look on me and can’t see the truth of who I am because they are blinded by the beautiful covering of the blood of Jesus Christ!

The eyes of God look at us, the heart of God swells, the grace of God pours out, and  the love of God rushes like a  mighty river over us – drowning us in mercy and compassion, gentleness and forgiveness, kindness and goodness.

God looks at us,

                        sees Christ,

                                    and says, “What’s not to love?”

How can you not fall down and worship such a mighty God? 

Psalm 109:30  With my mouth I will greatly extol the LORD;
   in the great throng of worshipers I will praise him.  (NIV)

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My Toddler Phase

I have a grandson just learning to walk.  I watched little Sean go from tottering on tiny feet before collapsing on his diaper cushioned bottom to flying across the floor with flailing arms and a grin that says “Here I go – can’t stop me now!”

How does that happen?  How does a little scrap of humanity that up until now has been carried everywhere figure out there’s something better – standing on his own two feet?   But standing isn’t enough.  Once he can stand he wanst to move.  And just moving isn’t enough.  Once he can move he wants to move faster, and faster, and faster. 

It’s all part of the inner drive to grow beyond; that desire to accomplish more; that need to triumph.  And it doesn’t stop in toddlerville.  It never stops really.  The desire is always there.  What stops is the confidence that pushes us to achieve. 

Lack of confidence keeps us from entering the race, taking the plunge, accepting the challenge.  The environment we operate in changes so fast.  We’ve fallen on our not too cushioned bottoms too many times and we’ve realized that the challenges get harder not easier as we move through life.

Take the social media challenge for example.  At one time I thought mastering the computer and learning to navigate the internet was the ultimate test of my ability to keep growing.  Then entered facebook, along came twitter, and pretty soon I heard the word “blog”.  I held back.  I resisted.  I lost confidence.  I began to think I couldn’t keep up. 

But, slowly and surely my drive to grow beyond outpaced my need to be safe and comfortable.  And that’s how it happens – every first step starts with the desire to jump out of the comfortable arms that are carrying you and onto the somewhat shakey  legs that propel you forward.

This is my toddling, unsteady, first step into blogging.  If you could actually see me push the post-it-now button you would see my flailing arms and a grin that says “Here I go – can’t stop me now!”

I plan to blog weekly at the beginning.  Please be patient with me as I navigate my way through the set up of buttons and links and other stuff.  I am blessed because when I can’t figure it out I have granddaughters to call on!  All I have to do is weather the “Oh, grandma…” part. 

So – if you are reading this, say a prayer for me as God takes me on this new adventure.

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